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Frank Weirman, MD

Frank Weirman, MD


Frank Weirman grew up near Philadelphia, PA and was educated at Bucknell University and Hahnemann Medical College, with subsequent internship in Allentown, PA. Residency training took place in Rochester, NY and a 2 year stint with the National Health Service Corps in North Bend, NE. He married his college sweetheart, Alves and they have two adopted twin sons. The family moved to Lincoln to join LFMG in 1977.

After 19 years at LFMG, Frank and Alves moved to Bangladesh to live and work at Memorial Christian Hospital for almost 16 years. In June 2013, they moved back to Lincoln and retired from overseas mission work. Frank resumed working at LFMG two days a week in January 2014.

Alves and Frank’s sons both live in Lincoln, one being married with two children. Frank and Alves travel 3-4 months of the year, helping healthcare workers at their foreign locations, and attending various mission conferences in USA.