Lincoln Family Medical Group PC

The History of LFMG

Established in 1974

Family Medical Clinic was established in 1974 by Dr's. Dale Michels and V. Roger Bruce. Dr. Frank Weirman joined the group in 1978, and we changed our name to Lincoln Family Medical Group. We saw a lot of changes in 1981 as Dr. Gary Hustad and Dr. O. Garland Bare started practice with the group, and we moved the clinic to a larger office on North Cotner Boulevard. We also started a satellite clinic in Ashland that served the surrounding communities for 30 years before closing it's doors in September 2011; and professional counseling services were first offered, eventually growing to become Lincoln Counseling and Enrichment Associates.


Continued Growth

With continued growth we took the opportunity to design our own clinic in a new office building at 7441 O Street (our current location). After moving, Dr. Scott McPherson joined the group in 1995. Drs. Matthew and Dorothea Jacobsen came in 2005. Dr. Stephanie McCarthy, now Dr. Stephanie Peterson, joined the group in 2009 and Jennifer Graham, PA-C came in 2010. Our most recent addition is Dr. Linsey Haden, who began serving patients in 2012.


Additional Physicians

Over the years Lincoln Family Medical Group has had the privilege of hosting the practices of other dedicated physicians, such as Dr. Kent Lacey, Dr. Michael Keralis, Dr. Kimberly Royse, Dr. C. James Kissling, Dr. James Blomgren, Dr. David Paulus and Dr. Al Halls. We have also employed several talented Physician Assistants.



Dr. Bruce has retired after several years of teaching physician assistants for the U.S. Army. Dr. Weirman and his wife Alves are currently in Bangladesh where Frank works at Malumghat Hospital. Dr. Lacey moved his practice to Scottsbluff. Dr. Bare retired in 2001. Dr. Keralis left to do missionary medicine in 1995 and eventually joined the staff at Linc Care. Dr. Royse married National Park Service Supervisory Park Ranger Don Wollenhaupt and practices medicine in Georgia. Dr. Kissling left private practice in 2004 to become a medical researcher. Dr. David Paulus was instrumental in the formation of People's Health Center in 2003 where he was later joined by Dr. Halls in 2006. Dr. Blomgren moved back home to Oklahoma in 2007.


Dr. Hustad

Dr. Hustad, after 30 years with Lincoln Family Medical Group, has recently moved on to work for the Nebraska Department of Corrections in September of 2011. We have been blessed to have served with him during this time and wish him the best in this next chapter of his life. He will be missed.


Even more people

Many others have been a part of the Lincoln Family Medical Group, P. C. family over the years - far too many to mention here by name. We have been blessed with so many highly dedicated support staff members. They make everything happen, and we gratefully acknowledge their contributions, past and present.


Our Logo

We are pleased to announce an update to our logo. It still embodies our purpose to treat the whole person: Mind Body and Spirit. We continue to offer services to address medical, spiritual, and psychological needs. There’s a new emphasis on the family part of our name, reflecting our commitment to support and care for families.



Our Mission

Our mission is still the same: to serve according to Jesus Christ's example and with the resources He provides.