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Our Purpose and Belief

Lincoln Family Medical Group PC was founded to practice medicine for the whole person: physical, mental, social and spiritual. We define health as the harmony between all of these elements within the will of God. We offer services to address medical, spiritual, and psychological needs.

Patient-Healthcare Provider Partnership.

Health care requires a partnership between the patient and caregiver. We are committed to providing excellent care and ask that you do your part as well.

Insurance Plans.

We participate in several, but not all, insurance plans. Check with your insurance company or employer benefits department ahead of time to find out what benefits you will receive if you see one of our doctors or the physician assistant. We will always be glad to file an insurance claim on your behalf, if you provide the necessary information. In some cases, we will provide a standard claim form that you can file. Find out more about our participation in various insurance plans by clicking here.

Payment for Services.

All patients are asked for payment at time of service. If we participate with your health care plan, you only need to pay your portion of the bill. Payment of your office visit copay at the time of service avoids an extra billing fee. Any fees billed to your account become past due if not paid within 30 days.

Our Mission Statement

Lincoln Family Medical Group, P.C., is a team of health care providers...
...serving according to Jesus Christ's example and with the resources He provides
...ministering to medical, psychological, and spiritual needs
...reaching out, as the Lord leads, to people in Lincoln, its surrounding communities, and other locations around the world.

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